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Japanese Politics and Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Japanese Politics and Culture - Essay Example Electoral System The Koenkai formed during the post war period and can be described as a personal support group for political candidates and those in office. They are formed by the candidates themselves and not the particular party and involve personal acquaintances of every nature and are maintained through the use of personal gestures such as cards and visits which can become expensive for the candidate. It is this expense that led to the creation of what are known as factions. Many actually inherit their koenkai and in 2011 72% of the hereditary candidates were elected to office with the benefit of their koenkai (Neary, p72). The koenkai formation represented an innovative and unique resolution in campaign strategy rather than relying on local politicians and community leaders. Politicians formed the koenkai in response to an inability of aforementioned politicians and leaders to gather enough votes to allow them to win the election. Local politicians are usually made officers of a candidates koenkai, local assemblymen serve as chapter presidents and these koenkai can easily include thousands of members with an example being Nakasone, whose koenkai numbers 50,000 (Curtis, p130). Local politicians give the koenkai a feel of democracy in a mass membership organization and when given titles such as federation chief it becomes more difficult for them to switch their loyalty to another candidate. Their primary function is no longer to gather votes but to add prestige to the koenkai. These koenkai will consist of many groups, including women and youth and other special interest populations. The idea is maintained that it is the will of the people who allow the official to become elected and helps to ensure equal distribution of wealth and income which Japan has... In 2007 political scandal resulted in the suicide of Matsuoka Toshikatsu, Japan’s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Though this is a rare occurrence corruption is a constant and prevailing factor in Japanese politics. As a member of the prior ruling liberal democratic party he was extremely influential and involved in bureaucrat led-bid-rigging and political donations from public works contractors to Diet members, allowing opportunity for political expenditures to be hidden used for activities such as vote buying. Shortly before his appointment to be questioned by the House of Counselors’ Budget Committee regarding the misappropriation of political funds Toshikatsu took his own life, followed the next day by associate Yamazaki Shinichi, directly connected to the bid-rigging scandal. Through multiple studies and suggestions there are many possibilities for the long running success of the LDP. Clientelism, the prior electoral system of SNTV/MMD, factions and koenkai, and the preference of the Japanese people to remain within groups may be all strong contributing factors. The Clientelism obviously has led to corruption and essentially makes it much easier to conduct bid-rigging and vote buying as suggested, which led to the suicide of Toshikatsu two years before the LDP lost political power. With the DJP in place it is too soon to know what successes they will create within the government or if they will be able to maintain their power. Naoto Kan, previous Prime Minister, was the sixth Prime Minister in a five year period to be replaced, after his mishandling of the Tsunami disaster that occurred in 2011 and the disaster occurring with the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

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The Financial Status Of The Firm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Financial Status Of The Firm - Essay Example If a company enters in a factoring of receivables it must realize that the discount given to the buyer at the time of the sales constitutes the cost or interest rate being charged on the sale of the account receivables. If the customer defaults on the payment of the account receivable the company that loses are the buyer in the factoring agreement. There is a correlation between sales, cash, and account receivables. All sales end up being either cash or credit sales. A credit sale creates an account receivable for the company. The industry standard is that account receivables should convert to cash within 30 days. If it takes longer to collect the account receivable the cash flow of the company position of the company could be affected. Company A has to revise its credit sales policy. Delinquency in collecting account receivables could be one of the reasons the company is facing cash flow problems. The firm should either discontinue credit sales or change the credit policy to 15 days credit. The management team of the firm does not want to incur more debt. This eliminates the solution of issuing bonds which constitutes a long-term debt. I highly recommend the company apply for a credit line. A credit line does not constitute any debt if it is not used. This solution would provide the company with instant purchasing power in case the company reaches the cero cash point. It is important to remember that cero cash means that the company becomes insolvent and would have to shut down its operations.

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Debut albums Essay Example for Free

Debut albums Essay Life neverseems to be the waywe want it butwe have to liveit the bestwaywecan! There isnoperfectlife,but we can fill it with PERFECT MOMENTS HOPE END r always there for everyone! Depends on us how we deal with them.. A HOPELESS END! or An ENDLESS HOPE! The joy that u give to othersis d joy thatflows backinto ur life! A happy heart makes a cheerful face! May all ur days b as lovely as ur heart Destiny Is No Matter Of Chance, It Is A Matter Of Choice, It Is Not A Thing To Be Waited For, It Is A Thing To Be Achieved. When there is confusion between your heart and mind, Don`t listen to your mind because mind knows everything But your heart knows only U. The difference between a successful person And others is not a lack of strength, Not a lack of knowledge Rather lack of will. Success isn`t key 2 happiness.. but happiness is d key 2 success. so keep yourself happy 2 b happy successful.. We Will Open The Book. Its Pages Are Blank We Are Going To Put Words On Them Ourselves The Book Is Called OPPORTUNITY. Each Of Us Makes Our Own Weather Determines The Color Of The Skies In The Emotional Universe Which We Inhabit. Don`t Think About What You Have Got Think About How To Use It That You Have Got A paper flying in air isdue to its luck buta bird is flying due to its effort. So if luck is not with u,efforts are always there to support U Hard-work is like stairs and luck is like lift. Sometimes lift may fail but stairs will always take you to the top. Have a successful life. Fallen flowers can not climb back. So do not think about the past. Love the Present. Live for the Future, with a beautiful sweet Smile. 🙂 Every man has in himself a continent of undiscovered character Happy is he who acts as the `COLUMBUS` to his own soul. Beautiful Message by Mother Teresa: If you cannot love a person whom you see, then how can you love GOD whom you have never seen Experiences are like waves,They come to u on shore of life,Drag the sand from beneath your feet,But each wave makes u stand on a new base. If you worry about a trouble it becomes double but when u smile at it,itdisappears like a bubble so always smile atyour problem. keep smiling If people around you, are trying to pull you down. Be proud about it. B`coz it only means one thing that: YOU ARE ABOVE THEM sweetness in your speech talent in your mind love in your heart peace in your eyes strength in your hands I wish always victoryin your life Persistence Is The Twin Sister Of Excellence One Is A Matter Of Quality The Other A Matter Of Time Work For A Cause Not For Applause Live Life To Express Not To Impress Don`t Strive To Make our Presence Noticed Just Make Your Absence Felt. Luck is likesand in hands,Itwill sneak outthrough fingers,no matergripped firmly or heldloosely. Only hands inthe praying posture can save it It is better to cry than to be angry, because anger hurts others while tears flow silently threw the soul and cleanses the heart.. Do Good to Everyone Without Expecting Much.. As an old proverb says:-Some Fragrance always remains in HANDS of Those who Distribute ROSE..! An Airplane is Always Safe at GroundBut It`s not Made for That. So Always Take Some Meaningful Risks in Life to Achieve Great Pleasure. Very true line When nails grow long we cut nails, not our fingers. Similarly wn misunderstandings grow up, cut ur ego not ur relation! Simple line but great meaning Empty Pockets teaches million things in life But, Full Pockets spoil`s you in million ways. Personality is:Who we are and what we do when everybody is watching..! Character is:Who we are and what we do when Nobody is watching. Frogs had competition to Reach Top of Hill. AllFrogs shouted,Its Impossible. But 1 Frog Reachedthe Top How? He wasDeaf Be DEAF toNEGATIVE Words A Valuable Lesson that A Traffic Signal Teach Us: Every Problem is like a Red Signal, If we Wait for Some Time, It will Turn Green. Power and money are marvelous sources if they remain in pocket but they are terrible masters once they enter the head. Every little smile can touch somebody`s heart. No one is born happy. But all of us are born with the ability to create happiness. Always be hpy Silence is the fence around wisdom! If your foot slips,U can always regain your balance. But if your tongue slips,U can never recall the words Past is Waste Paper, Present is News Paper, Future is Question Paper, Life is Answer Paper, So, Care fully Read Write it and enjoy life! Every problem in life has a gift inside.. So don`t get upset when you face problem. It may have more beautiful ending than your expectation. Don`t cry over what is gone, Smile about what remains. No matter whats lost, You can still always find value in what is left.! A Winning Horse doesn`t know what is wining, He only runs in pain given by his rider, So whenever ur in pain, think that God wants u to win. All birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds. Problems r common, but attitude makes the difference We think there is endless time to live, But we never know which moment is last So share care.. Love and celebrate every moment of LIFE. Comparison is The Best Way to Judge Our Progress, But Not With Others. Compare ur Yesterday With Ur Today To Get The Best Results. Definition of Human Being by A Philosopher: A Creature That Cuts Trees, Makes Paper, On Those Papers They Writes SAVE TREES Every successful person has a painful story, Every painful story has a successful ending. Accept the pain get ready to success. Great Thought: When we cant laugh again on the same joke, then why do we cry again and again for the one and the same pain. BEST LINES: Dont read success stories, You will get only message. Read failure stories, You will get some ideas to get success. There is always a hope and an end. It depends on us how we deal with them. We can look at it as a hopeless end. or an Endless Hope. Life never turns the way we want. But we live it in the best way we can. There`s no perfect life, But we can Fill it with perfect moments Mistake increase your experience and experience decrease your mistakes You learn from mistakes While the other learn from your sucsess. Life is Better When You`re Happy But Life is At its Best When Other People Are Happy Because Of U. Be Inspired. Give Peace.. And Share Smile . You Can`t Bring Back The Past, For It is All Gone. All You Can Do is Let Go, Move on,and Make Better Memories For The Future. Feelings are like waves, We can`t stop them from coming, But we can choose which one to surf. It`s a beautiful balmy day! Think about this:There are almost 8 billion people on Earth. and you are going to let just ONE person to ruin your day? Have a wonderful day!! Sometimes you gotta do more than rock the boat. Sometimes you gotta jump in head first and make some waves.. It`s a beautiful day! Plant around you today the SEEDS of Optimism and Kindness.. and tomorrow you can reap its FRUITS of Love and Happiness appy weekend! STRENGTH doesn`t come from what you can DO It comes from OVER COMING the THINGS you ONCE THOUGHT you COULDN`T. Have a great day! Surround yourself with people who are going to lift u HIGHER! Life is already filled with those whowant to bring u down to your knees. There areno random acts. Weare all connected. Ucan no more separateone life from anotherthan u can separate a breezefrom the wind. God Bless Us Having Lips. and not usingthem to smile,is like having. A million dollars in the bankand forgetting theaccount number. SMILEand have a hpy day! To respect people who are HIGHER than u, it`s ORDINARY. To respect people who are LOWER than u,it`s EXTRA ordinary. Sometimes you gotta shut up, swallow your pride and accept that you re wrong. It`s not giving up, it`s called growing up. When Iis replaced by WE.. Even ILLNESS turns into WELLNESS. Have a happy weekend! U Better Live Ur Best and Act your Best 2day For today Is The Sure Preparation For Tomorrows and All Other Tomorrow That Follow It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. The mindis like a clock Thatis constantly running down. It has to be woundUp daily with good thoughts. Don`t go throughlife,Grow through life Anything is more important When u can not get it. When u can get it This is less important for u. This is nature of every human. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Every bad situations have something positive.. Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day. Logic Of Time When Time Never Stops For Us, Then Why Do We Always Wait For The Right Time..? No Time Is Wrong To Do The Right Thing .! Waves Are Inspiring, Not Because They Rise And Fall, But Because They Never Fail To Rise Again. Have A Rising Day. An Inspiring Fact: If You Can Still Smile When you are Completely Broken Up, Then There Can be Nothing That Can Break you Next Time! A Lifetime Inspiring Thought Always Try Your Best To Get Whatever You Love.. Otherwise You Will Be Forced To Love Whatever You Get.. Sucess does not depend on making important decisions quickly, but depends on your quick actions on important decisions. Forget Past Failures! Focus on the NOW and What needs to be done today to help you achieve your dreams! When you are following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves. When unexpectd situations come in front of you, what does it mean..? It means that you are Moving Ahead Faster than you expectd..! Great motivational words written on the entrance of an American university.. I know I am something, because God doesnt create garbage.! Every Morning Get Up `n Look Through The List Of Richest People In The World, If Your Name Is Not There, Please Go To WORK! Learn to confront your fears head on because sometimes what you fear is not even worth your fear. God has given you what it takes to achieve all your aims in Life. Therefore put into action your effort first befor u think about a miracle. I want to be the greatest of me, For this is all I can do. It is my wish that you promise me this, you be the greatest of you.! A Stone is broken by the last stroke, This doesn`t mean 1st stroke was useless. Success is a result of continues Daily Effor.! Waiting to win is common to all, But working to win is style of a champion ! Be a Champion and win the world !! A lamp doesnt speak.. It introduces itself through its light.. Achievers never expose themselves. But their achievements expose them ! Best reason for our failures We are expecting ORANGE by standing under a MANGO tree! So We should change Either our expectation or tree.! When you`re following your energy `n doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves.! In The CAMERA Of Your Mind . Load The ROLL Of Your Good Thoughts .. Press The BUTTON Of Your Hard Work .. `n Get The Photo Of Your Success. Confidence Helps To Set Some Aim.. But,Self Confidence Helps To Achieve That Aim. So, Never Lose Your Self Confidence..! If You Are Successful You Will Win Some False Friends And Some True Enemies Succeed Anyway Be Like A Dolphin. Even Though There Are Dangerous Sharks Arround That In The Ocean. It Simply Enjoys The Swimming`n Celebrates On Its Own..! Victory Is Not The Property Of Brilliants.. It Is The Crown For Those Who Bow Themselves In Front Of Hard Work `n Confidence When Flood Comes Fish Eat Ants When Flood Goes Down Ants Eat Fish Time Matters .. GOD Gives Opportunity To Everyone. Negative Thinking IsAs Important AsCreativeThinking, BecauseIf Creative Thinking Invents Aeroplane,Then Negative Thinking Invents Parachute. Umbrella cant stop Rain but make us 2 Stand in Rain,. Confidence May Not Bring Success But It Gives Power To Face Any challenge.! Whatever we do, We Must Always Remember Our Aim. If You Want To Fly With EAGLES, Don`t Swim With DUCKS. TIME Is A Rare LuxuryWhich Can Never Be Purchased At Any Cost. So when,Someone Spends it For u,It defines the depth of care One Has For you.! A Soft Nature Of A Person Doesn`t Mean Weakness.. Remember.. Nothing Is Softer Than Water.. But Its Force Can Break The Strongest Of Rock.! Nice one:- If You Love Someone, Be Brave Enough To Tell Them. , Otherwise Be Brave Enough To Watch Them To Be Loved By Someone Else.. 🙂 Awesome Lines: Live Well `n Happily, Its The Best Revenge To Those Who Have Hurt You n Avoided You.! Without crossing the worst situations,No one can touch the best corners of life. Dare to face any situation. Try Hard to Achieve high in Life. It Is Always Good To CompromiseOnly When The Other Side Understands Your Feelings,But Its Not Good To BendSo Much That u Lose Your Existence Respect Those Who Find Time For You In Their Busy Schedule.. But Really Love Those Who Never See Their Schedule.. When You Need Them.! Best Attitude For Living: My Pain May Be The Reason For Somebody`s Laugh But My Laugh Must Never Be The Reason For Somebody`s Pain.! We may not Achieve Everything that we Dream. But We will not Achieve Anything unless we Dream..!! Night is longer than day for those who dream `n Day is longer than night for those who make their Dreams come true. Really Nice Lines Never take the Help Of Tears to Show Your Emotions.. `n Never Take the Help Of Words to Show Your Anger..! When the Mirror of LIFEGets Dirty with the Fog of Reality,Try Wiping it out with Your FAITH,You Can See the Clear Reflection Of Your Dream:) Making memorable moments forYourself is not a big thing. But,You being the key person in others memorable moments is an everlasting thing..!! Journey of Life Is Exciting when You challenge Your own Weakness.. Sometimes Your Enemy Teaches You Better Than Your Friends.! I hated every minute of Training. but I Said don`t Quit. Suffer now `n Live the rest of Your Life as a Champion LIFE is very similar to a Boxing RING.. DEFEAT is not declared When you fall DOWN.. It`s declared when You REFUSE to Get Up..!! No Matter How Many Times The Teeth Bite The Tongue, They Still Stay Together In One Mouth. That`s The Spirit Of FORGIVENESS..! If your head tells u onething andyour hearttells u another;before u do anything. Decide first whether u have a betterhead or a better heart Nice Saying from aBroken HeartI`ll ContinueMy LoveEven IfMy Love Fails`Coz,Howwould I hate the heartwhich made me toLove more than My Life I Knows That A Lot of People Hate Me,Because I am Bad. But. Few People Surely Love Me,Because They Know That My Little Goodness Is Not Fake .. Never hold your head high with pride or ego. Remember, Even the winner of a gold medal gets his medal only when he puts his head down 🙂 Living alone is really better than living with fake people, who hate you but act like loving you. Great Thought: When we cant laugh again on the same joke. then why do we cry again and again for the one and the same pain. Without Tasting The Worst Situation, No One Can Taste The Best Thing Of Life. . . . Dare To Face Anything in Your Mysterious Life Don`t Think About What You Have Go. Think About How To Use It That You Have Got. A paper flyingin air is due to its luck but a birdis flying due to its effort. So if luck isnot with u, efforts arealways there to support U Nothing is predestination, the obstacles of your past can become the gateways that leads to the new beginnings. Life Will Never Provide Warranties and Guarantees It Can Only Provide Possibilities and Opportunities To Convert Them intosuccess !!! Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation. Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. Management fundamental for success. if you don`t like any rule, Just follow it, reach the top And change the rule. Life is at its weakest When There`s more Doubt than trust But Life is at its strongest When you learn How to trust In spite of The doubts . Erasers are for people who make errors. But a better saying: Erasers are for people willing to correct their mistakes. Do not make your aim like the garden because everyone walk on it But make your aim like the sky so everyone wish to touch it. There are only two Things you have to Do in life .. You have to die.. And You have to live Until you die .. You make up All the rest.. The power is detested, and miserable the life, of him who wishes to be feared rather than to be loved. TRY is a small word that can make a Big Difference.. If we TRY, we only RISK FAILURE, But if we dont TRY then we ENSURE FAILURE. Comparsion is the best way to judge our progress.. But not with others.. Compare Your Yesterday with your Today.. Some things you have to do every day. Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn`t going to get the job done. Yesterday I was Clever, So, I wanted to Change the World, But Today I am Wise, So I am Changing Myself.. It is better to deserve honours And not have them than To have them and not deserve them. Success isn`t a matter of being d best nd winning d race. Success is a matter of handling d worst nd still finishing d race. A sunset here is a Sunrise on the other end of the worldWe must NEVER give up. BecauseWhat appears to be theend may actually be aNew Begining The mind is like a clockThat is constantly running down. It hasto be woundUp daily with goodthoughts. Don`t go through life,Grow through life Anything is more important When you can not get it. When you can get it This is less important for you. This is nature of every human. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,do more and become more, you are a leader. The Most Determinative nd Motivating Sentence Which should Always Be Followed In Life. The Race is not Over Because I Haven`t WON Yet A Child onFarm Sees PlaneFly Overhead. AndDreams of a FarAway Place. The Pilot on The Plane SeesThe Farmhouse,AndDreams ofHis Home. That`s Life A mountain is not higher than our confidence it will be under our feets, if we reach the top Coins always make sound but The currency notes are always silent. So, when your value increases Keep yourself calm and silent. When u feel depressed,confused or hurt. Don`t worry stand in front of a mirror,u will find the best one to solve your problem. Trust Yourself! Honey bees must tap two hundred flowers To make one drop of honey.. Remember: The sweetest reward comes from the hardest struggle.. The basic difference between God and Human.. God; gives,gives,gives and 4gives. Human; GETS,gets,gets and 4gets. Everybody is weak. Everybody fails. Being strong is fighting. It`s hard and it`s painful and It`s every day. It`s what we have to do. When you believe something can be done, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing in a solution paves the way to a solution !! To find what you seek in the road of life, the best proverb of all is that which says: Leave no stone unturned. People often say that Motivation doesn`t last. Well, neither does bathing That`s why we recommend it daily. Luckey is who get the opportunity Brilliant is who creates da oppertunity Winner is who uses the opportunity Have A Great Day ! Best Of LucK. Life is too short. If we work Good. Or If we work Bad. In 2 cases life will end. So if we work good than we are died peacefully. Whenever you see a successful person you see the public glories, never see the private sacrifices to reach them We must stop assuming that a thing which has never been done before probably cannot be done at all. I know I`m Something, Because Go doesn`t Create Garbage Words written on the Entrance of An American University.. Can we do romance in the evening today? I`m in a good mood Just a little bit of kissing and biting Reply me soon! Urs lovingly MOSQUITO Maturity is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasures for long-term values. Do not limit your challenges Challenge your limits. Born with personality is an accident, BUT Dying as a personality is an achievement. MY WAY OF LIFE . People Laugh Because i am Different,And i Laugh Because They Are All the Same,Thats Called`ATTITUDE`. LIVE IT YOUR OWN WAY Born with the personality is an Accident. But To die as a `Personality is an Achievement`.. Achieve the best in youe Life !! Old concept: Do or Die New concept: Do b4 u die Latest concept: Don`t die, until u do. Champions aren`t made in the gym. Champions are made from something They have deep inside a Desire, a Dream, a Vision. Take the first step in FAITH you don`t have to see the whole staircase just take the first step The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Life is a great travel trip.. Problem is that it doesnt come with a map. We`ve to search our own ways to reach the Destinations..! Now the World is becoming a Bad Place to Live In,, Not because of Bad People,, But Due to Silence of the Good People.. Have a Peaceful Day.. Always have a unique character like salt, It`s presence is not felt But it`s absence makes all things tasteless. Golden words If People Around You Are Trying to Pull You Down, Be Proud of It! It Only Means One Thing, That You Are Above Them. The whole secret of a successful life Is to find out what is one`s destiny to do, And then do it. Never hold yourself solely responsible for any misfortune in life because no single raindrop is never alone responsible for any flood. Never change your originality For the sake of others. Because no one can play your role Better than you. So be yourself. You are the best. The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague, Who shall say where one ends. and the other begins? It is hard to fail, But it is worse never to have tried to succeed. Winners believe that they create their own luck by their actions; losers believe in good and bad luck. The significance of a man Is not in What he attains But In what He longs to attain. A fantastic quote for life: Satisfy the person who expects from U, Rather than surprising the person who never expects anything. Above all, challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, What you can accomplish. When you remember how hard it is to change yourself, You begin to understand what little chance we have of changing others. Look at the Clock when u r sitting simply. But Never Look at Clock When U r working. The Hard Reality of Life is that.. When u need ADVICE, Everyone is ready to HELP You.. But When u need HELP, Everyone is Ready toADVISE You. Failure is the only opportunity to begin the same work with more intelligency.. A good plan of today is better than a great plan of tomorrow. Look backward with satisfaction look forward with confidence. If you want to enjoy anything, always think today is the first day But If you want to achieve anything always think today is the last day. In each single day we smile and laugh so many times. We never thank Allah afterevery smile but wedo blame complain Him for every tear we cry Once a wise man was asked: What is meaning of life He said: Life itself has no meaning, life is an opportunity to create a meaning .. Life is too short, To Kiss Slowly, Laugh Insanely, Love Truly and Forgive Quickly Never design your character like a garden,Where anyone can walk. Design your character like the sky, Where everyone candesire to reach Hitler Life is Better When You`re Happy But Life is At its Best When Other People Are Happy Because Of U.. Be Inspired.. Give Peace.. And Share Smile You Can`t Bring Back The Past, For It is All Gone. All You Can Do is Let Go. Move on, and Make Better Memories For The Future. Take a sweet smile when you are insulted. Sometimes, a smile is enough to make them regret with their words. It is better to be admired than to be popular. Strive to be better yourself, and not to please others If You Don`t Believe In Miracles, Perhaps You`ve Forgotten You Are One;-) Have A Happy Weekend! Enjoy! :-* There comes a time when you have to stop remembering your mistakes and move on. No regrets in life,just lessons. You cannot always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump. Have a great day! If people make you feel that you are less needed, learn to do this: KEEP DISTANCE The one that angers you controls you. Don`t give anyone that power! especially the one who does it intentionally. 🙂 Have an exceptional day Never apologize for saying what you feel. That`s like saying sorry for being REAL. One lie is all it takes for someone to lose interest in you. It`s always best to be upfront, remaining real and to tell the truth Don`t point out other people`s flaws because you`re not perfect. You have to look in the mirror before you can look out the window. A tongue has no bones but it can hurt someone`s feelings. So always be concious and be wise on what you`ll say. A mountain is not higher than your confidence.. for it will be under your feet when you reach the top.. Have a cool day! Hot heads and cold hearts can never solve anything. Scarcity is counting the number of seeds in an apple. Abundance is contemplating the number of apples in a seed. May u have an abundant life! Our life is filled with a promiseof beautiful experiences,but only if westop and notice all the little things thatmake up the whole picture. A valuable lesson that a traffic signal teaches us: Every problem is like a Red Signal, If you wait for some time, it will Turn Green. REJECTIONS has a useful purpose that is, for us to learn either to change ourselves for the better or to justify who we are. Happiness is like a rainbow. Sometimes we can only see it after weve shed enough tears in our cloudy days. May you find happiness every day! HOPE is the little voice you hear whisper maybe when it seems the entire world is shouting no. Never lose hope. Have a great day! Instead of wishing you were someone else, be proud of who you are, you never know whose been looking at you and wishing they could be YOU. aLways try 2 be happy watever Lyf brings.. remember dat evry 60 sec0nds u spend in being upset is a minute of happiness u can nver get back. In this world some people will throw stones in your path. It depends on you what you make from them. A WALL or A BRIDGE! Forget about the world Failure. If you`re always learning new things, you`re always winning in life. Have a cool day! Do not lower your standards to keep anyone. Make them meet you at your level. Self-respect is your power. The 3 C`s of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change. Everything that u losehas it`s ownway of returning back to u,the funnything is,it`s not always the way u expect it. Sometimes it`even more. Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music. Show the world you ROCK! Have a wonderful day! HATING people takes too much time. FORGIVE them, not because they deserve it but because you are on a HIGHER level than they are. Don`t accuse unless you are able to PROVE and don`t blame unless you are able to FORGIVE and don`t forgive unless you are able to FORGET. Don`t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it`s stormy now doesn`t mean you aren`t headed for sunshine. God bless us all! Life islike a camera. Focus onwhat`s important,capturethe good times,develop from the negatives and if thingsdon`t work,justtake another shot.

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â€Å"If God did not exist, would it be necessary to invent him?† This question deals with the necessity of God himself. It asks us to imagine that there is no knowledge about any superhuman being, such as God. It makes me think about weather or not we would be inclined to want something like God. I am forced to think of how important God is in my own life, and how important God is in the rest of the world. There is no doubt in my mind, that if God did not exist, people all around the world would at some point or another wonder why they were put on earth. Therefore, a being beyond human abilities would have created the world. After reflecting on this, minds would automatically assume the existence of some superhuman being.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I think it would be necessary to invent God, if he did not already exist. We try to control our lives, by material means, but when we find that we cannot control everything by ourselves and by our own material means, we search for something that can control these things. We look for an answer to questions that we cannot answer ourselves. For example, when someone who believes in God has a series of bad situations, such as a divorce, a death in the family, and a loss of their job, they would automatically pray for a brighter future as they feel that God is the only way in which they can be saved. If God did not exist, then humans would feel they were in the dark, not knowing how to deal with certain situations. Inventing a God in this situation would allow light to be shed on these situations.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  God is something that many people live for and center their lives around. When someone believes in God they receive a sense of inner peace from God and allow themselves to use this peace to interact with others. In reality, I see God in everyone and everything, but I also see unnecessary hatred. Looking at the way in which we interact with each other now, with the belief of God present, I notice that our relations are nowhere near perfect. I figure that without God the world would be unimaginably, even worse. Though people learn to respect others through experience, the basis of this concept comes from God. Weather it is Buddha, Alla or Jesus Christ, the love for one another is a major theme with such gods.

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Despairing Companionship Essay

â€Å"Modern Love,† a poetic sequence by George Meredith, describes a skeptical opinion on the idea of modern love. Meredith’s devastating tone, complex similes and metaphors, and dark imagery convey a sad and regretful outlook on the love of this time. â€Å"Modern Love† is riddled with a tone full of regret and heartache, making this modern love seem more like the opposite of love. The speaker says â€Å"she wept with waking eyes† and her â€Å"strange low sobs† were â€Å"strangled mute.† The words describing this woman are full of grief, full of â€Å"vain regret.† Her husband is painfully aware of his wife’s sadness, through her reaction to â€Å"his hand’s light quiver by her head† and her sobs that were â€Å"dreadfully venomous to him.† The speaker’s worried tone shows how much the husband wishes for his wife to be happy, but his actions of loving care and cautiousness do nothing to quell her tears. This makes modern love seem hopeless and full of despair for both the man and his distraught wife. Use of intense simile and metaphor throughout â€Å"Modern Love† also demonstrates a grim view on the concept of modern love. The muffled cries of the wife are called â€Å"little gaping snakes† showing how afraid and vulnerable the husband is to them. The man’s wife has a â€Å"Giant heart of Memory and Tears† which shows the heavy, almost useless organ that the wife carries around within her, empty of love, only able to remember the sadness to which she has been subjected to. Then, the husband and wife are said to be â€Å"like sculpture effigies† in their â€Å"common bed,† lying â€Å"stone-still.† Instead of two lovers talking to each other and loving each other in their bed, a place shared between the two of them, they are â€Å"moveless† and silent. This makes modern love seem empty of joy, empty of companionship, and devoid of love. â€Å"Modern Love† also utilizes imagery to portray the sadness and tension of modern love. The wife is described as lying â€Å"stone-still.† They are both â€Å"moveless† as they look back through their â€Å"dead black years.† Their life is described as â€Å"black,† which provides the image of nothingness, as if there is no memory worth seeing. Their modern love provides no light with which their lives might be made happy. They are seen as â€Å"sculptured effigies,† wishing for the â€Å"sword that severs all.† Instead of wishing for a good relationship or positive time together, they want something to end their marriage, to end the one thing that ties them together. This modern love is not love at all, but a forced binding between two people who want nothing of it. The poetic sequence â€Å"Modern Love† by George Meredith conveys a dark and regretful view of modern love through heartbreaking tone, deep similes and metaphors, and intense imagery.

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Designing An Innovative Shopping Experience For Our Brand

We will use the internet, extranets intranets, and SuiteCommerce platform to provide a communication and computing power that support the strategic use of information system for our Brave online clothing store. We will also have specialized customers databases, and in house internet and intranet databases to provide information to support daily business operations and decision making process. SuiteCommerce platform offered by NetSuite is what we will use to operate our business. Here are the reasons, according to their product description on NetSuite. One of our goals is to design the innovative shopping experience for our brand. SuiteCommerce create an innovative shopping experience by â€Å"providing customer acquisition and retention experiences by utilizing a single source of item, inventory, customer and order data to feed your customer-facing systems† that can be presented sophisticatedly on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops (Suite Commerce, 2016). To be able t o offer great customer experience, SuiteCommerce allow us to actually know our customers, build loyal and deeper relationship with customers while providing personalized and dependable service by being able to see all channels, 360 degree view of every customers along with the ability to capture and improve all customer interaction in single system (Suite Commerce, 2016). Another advantage of using SuiteCommerce is capability to efficiently and rapidly fulfill customer expectancy to purchase, satisfy andShow MoreRelatedDifferentiation Strategy1145 Words   |  5 Pagesbuyers. The aim is to achieve competitive advantage by offering better products or services at the same price or enhancing margins by pricing slightly higher. Differentiation may be achieved in a number of ways. The product may incorporate a more innovative design, may be produced using advanced materials or quality processes, or may be sold and serviced in some special way. Often, customers will pay a higher price if the product or service offers a distinctive or special value. Differentiation strategiesRead MoreStore Design and Visual Merchandising6615 Words   |  27 Pagesthe number of manufacturers and retailers, a buyer has many options available in terms of style and functionality. Hence it has become an exercise for sellers to entice the audience via the art and science of Visual Merchandising (VM) and store designing. Visual Merchandising is creating visual displays and arranging merchandise assortments within a store to improve the layout and presentation and to increase traffic and sales. It can also be defined as the art of displaying merchandise inRead MoreConsumer Behaviour Towards Fmcg1700 Words   |  7 Pagesrelevant and useful information for the consumer. Product packaging forms the end of the promotion-chain and is close in time to the actual purchase and may therefore play an important role in predicting consumer outcomes. Packages also deliver brand identification and label information like usage instructions, contents, list of ingredients or raw materials, warnings for use and directives for care of product. Introduction â€Å"Packaging  is  the  container  for  a  product  Ã¢â‚¬â€œÃ‚  encompassing  the  physical  appearance  of  theRead MoreEvaluating The Viability Of A Business Idea By Providing An Overview4953 Words   |  20 PagesHand for Special Needs (Stacy’s Helping Hand) is a multi-product, general merchandise discount store similar to a Super Target or Super Wal-Mart, but with a couple of benefits: store design and layout, a special services or Resource Center, and Innovative Creations. The store design and layout are a major advantage over other similar stores, such as Target and Wal-Mart. The store’s physical size is approximately 200,000 - 250,000 square feet. Aisles sizes accommodate at least five wheelchairs side-by-sideRead MoreSephora Case Study2998 Words   |  12 PagesSEPHORA A Brand Case Study Nikki Kerber PBDS 705 †¢ November 21, 2011 Nikki Kerber †¢ PBDS 705 †¢ The Design/Business Link 1 History of SEPHORA: The Foundations of Modern Design Founded in late 1969 as Shop 8, Dominique Mondonnaud opened a speciality perfumery retail store in FranceÊ ¼s Haute Vienne region that was revolutionary for its time due to the way the store was operated and designed (†Sephora holdings s.a,† 2011, p. 1). While department stores heavily relied on the triedRead MoreCase Study on Asos Essay3981 Words   |  16 Pagesstandardisation and adaptation in its brand architecture and distribution channels. Its branding policies have made way for its accomplishing market dominance. ASOS approaches the market with a faultless differentiation technique through its unique services and product categorisation. It gives its customers an inimitable shopping experience with its ingenious website design. Analysing the 4 p’s marketing mix and critically absorbing the SWOT analysis, the brand can ascertain its current market positionRead MoreModern Trends in Retailing3371 Words   |  14 PagesCustomers 1. Shopping can be done in free environment. 2. Freedom of choice. 3. Quicker shopping. 4. Low price. Disadvantages To Retailers 1. More capital required (for space, shelves and variety). 2. Shop lifting. 3. Security expenses increases. To Customers 1. Impersonalized way of sales. 2. Impulse buying. 3. No delivery is provided. Branding and Packing * Branding means the selling of goods under the trade mark or brand name of manufacturerRead MoreImplementing The Economic Development Of A Nation State1630 Words   |  7 Pageslaws and regulations to boost the development of the business sector. By the full support from the government, now there are several local brands of Indonesia that able to gain success both in the domestic and international market. The internationalization of market is becoming the dream of every domestic company in Indonesia, (X) S.M.L is one of the local brands which has the dream to expand its market internationally, even though it still focuses on the development of their existing shops both inRead MoreIkea Current Event2406 Words   |  10 Pagescom/company_history). In 1955 suppliers of Ikea furniture started to reject Ikea, due to the demands of the competitors. After suppliers refused to do business, Ikea was forced to start manufacturing their own products. As luck would have it this led to innovative designs and improved function at a lower cost. Further yet, Ikea designers were able to make pieces that easily fit into convenient sized packaging, ultimately eliminating the delivery service ( Since, Ikea has expandedRead MoreKey Success Factors of Apple Inc2065 Words   |  9 Pagesrecent key success factors. Conclusion – Brief summary of the key success factors of Apple Inc. which make it have a market share of 14% in U.S. and 3% in the world. 2. Introduction Apple Inc. is an American Multinational corporation with a focus on designing and manufacturing consumer electronic and related software products. Its best-known hardware products include the Macintosh line of personal computers, the iPod (portable media player), and the iPhone. The software products include the Mac OS X operating